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Biologically inspired AI model

IntuiCell is pioneering the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our unique Brain Intelligence technology. Brain Intelligence differs from AI by being much more faithful to the functionality of a real brain. Our technology can therefore bring possible solutions to challenges both tractable and intractable with AI.

A new AI framework

Powered by Brain Intelligence

IntuiCell AB develops Brain Intelligence for a wide range of applications. IntuiCell technology can run on existing hardware platforms or be made as stand-alone applications, without any external computational support. As stand-alone applications, including hardware, IntuiCell technology can be used to support process industry or to improve functionality in various consumer level electronics.

New light on how the brain works

Based on 30 years of leading neuroscience research

The IntuiCell technology platform is based on key insights from extensive research into how the brain operates on sensory data and the resulting understanding of the world; research which has now been transferred into software, enabling us to begin to harness a new kind of computational power.

– Prof. Henrik Jörntell, Co-founder & Board member