About us

30 years of research led up to this

For 30 years, the work of our founding researchers stood in contrast to accepted theories in the field of neuroscience. Driven by their strong contrarian mindset, they gained deep insights from their unique capability to record high-quality intracellular neuron activity in all parts of the brain.

These high-quality recordings served as the fundament upon which a functional end-to-end understanding of the human brain was built. Developed in conjunction was metrics to assess quality and degree of representational capability and computational capacity. The union creating a strong mechanistic capability to recreate the biological intelligence in software.

This is in stark contrast to the available AI-tools today. Notwithstanding the amazing performance of many of these tools, they show little recognition to the type of intelligent behaviour of humans and other animals. Furthermore, many of the original aspirations of AI seem perpetually out of reach. Humans and other animals are able to learn new skills very quickly, adapt to changes, explore, plan, and predict the consequences of their actions. These capabilities are still unique to living beings, powered by 20W brains, incredible neurons, and clever sensors distributed throughout the bodies - the integrated system that enables biological intelligence.

We, IntuiCell, stand on our strong mechanistic understanding of the biological brain and it serves as the foundation to how we are approaching AI - by following in the footsteps of evolution. We create a fundamentally new technology to enable biological intelligence and to be the brain in every autonomous agent, intelligent device and application.