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"We’re not continuing the progress of the current era of AI. We understand the mechanisms by which the brain predicts the world and how to engineer networks to achieve this functionality. It’s how we will enable human-level AI through biological intelligence."
Viktor Luthman
Co-founder & CEO
Our vision

Achieving the original aspirations of intelligent machines

We have a new understanding of how the brain works. We use it to engineer a cognitive architecture that match the perceptual and motor abilities of humans and other animals.

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We aim to be the brain for every autonomous agent, intelligent device and application.

Our research

A foundation of groundbreaking research within neuroscience

For three decades our founders challenged the common consensus of one of the biggest scientific questions of our time: How does the brain work?

Piece by piece, our research unveils groundbreaking insights into the fundamental mechanics of how the brain operates.

Open positions

We are always on the lookout for exceptional talents to join our team